There are many ways in which to eat a cheeseburger. This is just one, and the most popular.


  1. Find a German.
    • This German will start eating the burger to check for anti-Nazi stuff.
      • If there is any anti-Nazi stuff, you will be shot for being a heretic. Sorry, but that's just the way it goes. No more Burger Rabbi for you.
      • If there is no anti-Nazi stuff, he will clear you. If the burger is particularly good, he will eat the rest of it. If this happens, start from step 1, and find a different German.
  2. If your burger is cleared, eat up. They can be hard as rocks, so it is recommended that you get one of those jaw-muscle builders.
  3. Depending on the restaurant that you are at, you will die of one of the following diseases:
    • Mad cow
    • Mad pig
    • Mad dog
    • Mad cat
    • Mad bird
    • Mad bull
    • Mad human
    • Mad Pokémon
    • Mad piñata
    • Mad Zwinky
  4. The restaurant will than take you to it's cemetery and bury you under a ton of various cheeses.