There are quite a number of Here are just some of the very cemeteries where you will die at. Cos' they just had this disease found out yesterday (actually 01/05/09), they have little time to make these cemeteries. Thus, they only have some, thank you. The first city to build cemeteries was Toronto, Canada, and is by far the city with the most cheeseburger cemeteries.

Cemeteries Built Edit

Toronto, Canada Edit

  • Fuckland (Burger King)
  • Cemetery of Death (McDonalds)
  • Cemetery of Chicken (KFC)
  • Les cemetery ah voot (European Restaurants)
  • Ves Ambush (Various)

Ontario, Canada Edit

  • Pista les Ahla (Various)

New York City, USAEdit

  • Land of Donalds (McDonalds)
  • Kentucky Fucking Cemetery (KFC)
  • Cheeseburgers' Home of Death (Burger King)
  • Land of Fuck (Various)
  • SubWay Eat Dumb! Cemetery (SubWay and Wendys)

Paris, France Edit

  • Puts ah lot zee composite (Various)

London, England/UK Edit

  • The British' Kids Home of Doomsday (Various)

Cemeteries Underway Edit

Toronto, Canada Edit

  • English Home (Toronto City Fast Food Junction)
  • Huh?!:2+2 (Communist Countries)
  • Eh? Cemetery (Various)
  • Old Chang Fart (Fart Stinky Industrial Restuarants and Cafes Blahgd!)
  • How to Eat Your Lipstick (Various)

Atlanta, Georgia (USA) Edit

  • Atlantis (McDonalds)
  • Ronald McSuckers (KFC, Burger King, McTucky)
  • Pixa Hut (Pizza Hut)
  • Taco Hell (Satanic Taco Bells)
  • Fuck You! Iwannapieceoftheappleonyourtabledoyousay-Cemetery (Various)

Seattle, Washington Edit

  • Washington's Home of the Dead (Various, since there's only one cemetery there)

Calafonia, Texas and Florida Edit

  • Calafonian Bridges Home (San Fransisco, CA; Various)
  • HOLLYWOOD *suckers!* (Los Angeles-Hollywood, CA; Top F.F.R)
  • HOLLYWOORD*too-suckish!* (Los Angeles-Hollywood, CA; Other F.F.R)
  • Dallas-Land Cemetery (Dallas, TX; Various)
  • Hoot! Hoot! Cemetery (Houston, TX; Various)
  • Fuck You Cuba! (Miami, Florida)