Igpay Atinlay ancay ebay ickytray otay astermay, utbay erehay areway omesay ickstray orfay ouyay otay elphay ouyay outway.


  1. Eakspay inway uchsay away ayway osay asway otay excludeway ethay irstfay etterlay ofway everyway ordway, ovingmay itway otay ethay ackbay ofway everyway ordway.
  2. Emorizemay ethay exceptionsway otay isthay:
    1. Eythay isway aidsay asway "eythayway."
    2. Otay, ootay, andway otway areway aidsay asway, espectivelyray, "otayway," "ootayway," andway "otwayway".
    3. Inway ordsway atthay eginbay ithway xay orway exway, implysay addway "ayway" otay ethay endway. Isthay "addway ayway" uleray appliesway otay omesay othersway.
    4. Etway eteracay...


  • Useway ouryay ommoncay ensesay.


Igpay Atinlay Olarschay

Eakspayway ootayway uchmayway Igpayway Atinlayway, andheyway ooyayway aymayway endheyway upheyway ookinglayway ikelayway isthayway!

  • On'tday alktay inway Igpay Atinlay ootay uchmay, estlay ouyay ebay oughtthay ofway asway anway idiotway.

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